Weibo OA

Weibo is one of the oldest social media platforms in China.

It’s the second most popular network after WeChat and it is essentially a ‘micro-blogging’ platform or, as some like to call it, a Chinese version of Twitter. But just like WeChat, it has evolved far beyond being just a clone.

Weibo now has around 600 million users and it is as relevant as ever in the Chinese social media landscape. It’s a perfect outlet for brands and businesses to share news and updates and advertise their products and services.

For a business to register on Weibo, they need to get an Official Account (Weibo OA). An Official account is your brand’s page shown as a business account to other users on social media platforms like Weibo or WeChat.

Our REDSTAR team can help your company with setting up a Weibo OA to enable you to communicate effectively with your target clients.

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