Cross-border payments

Enable your customers to pay with WeChat Pay and Alipay but have the payments remitted to your accounts outside of China.

Doing cross-border payments can be tricky as there are a lot of regulations around them. There are several ways you can make cross-border payments happen:

  1. Sell your products/services, receive the money in China and then have it remitted abroad. This process can be quite difficult and expensive due to money restrictions and Chinese banking regulations.
  2. Sell your products/services and receive it in your own bank account abroad. In order to do that, you will need to find a reliable cross-border payment provider. Working with cross-border payment providers may involve some commission fees, however, this method is safe and significantly speeds up your cashflow with payouts on a weekly or monthly basis.

We have partnered with Nihaopay, one of the few officially authorised cross-border payment providers in North America and Europe for WeChat Pay and Alipay. We can assist with account setup and arrange a preferential payment fee (< 2.9%) compared to other solutions.

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