Your online gateway to China.

We fullfil your online needs in Mainland China. Host your website or e-commerce platform at blazing speeds, sell more through WeChat marketing and help you extend your digital reach into China.

We Create, Host, Maintain and Grow your digital business in Mainland China.
Bringing down barriers of entry and overcoming the language complexities!

Our services include:

  • Cloud hosting (Mainland China), domain registration (.cn &,
    ICP license application and support
  • Setup and management of WeChat or Weibo accounts
  • E-commerce through WeChat, Taobao, or relevant Chinese platforms

What we do

We build and grow digital businesses in China
Cloud Hosting

Need a website that loads quickly in China? We supply local cloud servers and speed up your content delivery with in-country CDN's.

Domain Registration

Need a digital footprint in China with a domain name that matches? We can register .cn or domain names!

ICP License Support

We can help you apply for the required
ICP License for your online channels with the right government institutions and correct documentation.

WeChat & Weibo accounts

We setup, advice and manage your online marketing on the main social platforms used by Chinese netizens.

E-commerce in China

We assist with setting up a sales strategy and connecting you to the right distribution channels!

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