WeChat OA

WeChat is the largest and most popular social network in China.

2018 Update: Since mid-2018, official accounts are available to foreign businesses from 100+ different countries and registration of a Chinese business entity is no longer required.

In 2018, the platform reached a new milestone of over 800 million active users. WeChat’s platform is similar to Facebook and Instagram - users can communicate via messaging, share their photos and news on a public feed, but the WeChat's ecosystem goes much further with features, such as games, payments, third party integrations and other app services.

Many Chinese-based companies have set up a WeChat Official Account (WeChat OA) to promote and advertise their brands, products and services on WeChat.

Having a WeChat OA can help you reach out to your customers, enhance the public image of your company in the online Chinese market space and even directly do e-commerce through it. Our social media savvy team can assist you with starting and running a WeChat OA for your business.

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