Baidu ads

Baidu ads: the backbone of digital advertising in China

Baidu ads are the Chinese equivalent of Google ads. Baidu is a popular search engine in China and with Baidu ads, you can run advertising campaigns, using keywords that will appear in the search. This is an effective social marketing strategy because you are able to target the customers who are likely to be interested in your products or services based on the keywords they use.

Something to keep in mind before launching Baidu ads:

  • Your website must be located in China
  • Your website must have an ICP Bei’an license in order for you to run ad campaigns
  • Not every type of service can be advertised on Baidu. Due to controversies that occurred in the past, some services may not be approved for Baidu ads (example: medical services).

Our Baidu ads team can advise on the most suitable social media marketing campaigns for your business and whether advertising your services with Baidu ads complies with the regulations.

Get in touch and let us introduce you to Baidu ads, so you can get your Chinese business ahead with our smart advertising tactics.

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